about em.

Hi, I'm Emily ~

a creative producer, floral artist and certified clinical herbalist.

My projects reflect my love for language: of books, rhetoric, plants, and community. I spend my days choreographing with flowers, experimenting with herbal elixirs, and writing with unfolding petals of dew delight — expressing earth's enchantment with em dashes and elegance. I am enraptured with the beauty of the natural world. To me, flowers encapsulate the purity and essence of beauty as truth. 

Much of my work derives from finding a sense of play and wonder in the everyday. I explore the concept of the 'space between': untapped potential resonant at nodes of intersection and connection: wombs of creation, expansiveness inherent in structure, sacred geometry, the act of cleaving, taoism and cosmic orbits, solar systems of friendships, and the strangeness of feeling suspended. Herein lies the wiggly and wild balancing act of our lives. 

Underpinning my photographs and word petals emerges the inexplicable sensation of floating. I draw inspiration from this state of buoyancy, and from my identity as Hapa (half Asian / half Caucasian) where I seek to find harmony between my multi-dimensional sides to inform my ever-blossoming portrait of being. 

I'm fascinated by the process of reification: the ability to cultivate an elusive, whimsical idea into something real, tangible, and with a life of its own. That is floral design to me: the spontaneous creation of earth laughter into resonant communion with people. That is poetry: the transmutation of thoughts into concept; telepathy. That is film photography: the mix of mechanics with life with time with light. These are all forms of magic: human intention infused with craft, inspiration, and imagination to birth novelty and renewed meaning. 

I believe we all bloom when exposed to light. Art beckons insight and collective brightness. Together, we spread the pixie dust amongst us. 

I am a forever flower child from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in New York City, with occasional escapes to Kauai and California. Between the sunshine and the shadows, I find myself in the fog — floating into overcast mornings like a dandelion wish come true. And on those very special days, refracted light mixes with mist to glow spectrums of the sublime.

Discover my floral and herbal offerings at Fleurvoyant.com.


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